How to prepare for 12th board examination.

Well !!! if your focus is to score above 90%  in 12th board examination then focus should be on NCERT books and any one more text book.

In subject like Mathematics, you need to solve each and every exercise of NCERT book conceptually and thoroughly . Solving the book just once is not enough . You need to solve it multiple times. When you solve a particular question once you just learn how to solve. But what is required in Mathematics to be an expert. When you solve the same question again then you able to realize the depth of question. You may also try to solve the same question with different method. 

Even greatest mathematician do the same things.

This is the golden rule to be good at mathematics.

When you go to write your board examination then you realize how good it was the solve the entire book again and again.

Other important books for 12th board examination are Mathematics by R D Sharma and R S Aggarwal (Good for CBSE Board) and K C Sinha (Good for Bihar Board). Mathematics for JEE Mains by Arihant publication is also good. All these books have lots of questions for practice. These books do have all questions from NCERT book. Question may come in your mind then why to solve NCERT book than?

Answer to this question is, NCERT have less number of repetitive questions to solve. So you can give more time to each questions. Once you complete your syllabus and getting ready for examination you have limited time to do revision of entire syllabus. If you have solved the NCERT then it becomes easy for you solve the book and cover the entire syllabus in brief time. As you must have marked important questions. Anyway miscellaneous questions are important one.


When it comes to Chemistry -again each and every question comes from NCERT book. If have studies NCERT Chemistry Book carefully you will pass your 12th board examination as well as JEE Mains with good marks. Nothing comes out of  NCERT Book in Chemistry .


Now Physics is subject which need you to be fundamentally strong in subject. Mathematics is language of Physics. If you are not good in Mathematics you will face problem in Physics.

Lots of Mathematical tools are important to solve numerical of Physics . Again NCERT is well design book to enhance your thinking ability and problem solving abilities .  H C Verma‚Äôs Fundamental of Physics is another book you need to read and numerical from this book must be solved to improve your skill in Physics.



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