Q : I don’t want to go to IIT or for Engineering, which book should I follow ?

Ans: If you are preparing for 12th board examination and your goal is to score high in board examination then you should study from NCERT books. NCERT is well design book written by expert mathematicians. It has less number of questions to solve but qualities of questions are impressive. Best part of this book is its questions are less in repetitive kind. Each question is different in design and need different approach to solve. With this kind of design it help your thinking ability.

Q:  Do I need to solve any other book to score more than 90 percent in board examination?

Ans: Absolutely no. If you solve NCERT again and again then this book is enough  to even get 99 percent in your board examination. And why just board examination, even it is sufficient to solve NCERT book to crack IIT –JEE Mains.

If you solve NCERT and previous years question from your respective board it will yield good result.

Even for JEE Mains, NCERT along with previous years questions fron JEE Mains should get you to qualify in Mains.

Q : Is there any harm to do math from R S Aggarwal or  R D Sharma?

Ans:  Absolutely not. If you have already solved NCERT or you are doing Maths Exercises from NCERT along with any other reference books then it is fine.

But when it comes to days of examination it becomes easy to do revision from NCERT rather than any other book.


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