Listen students,

IITs are going to introduce new courses from year 2019.

We all are aware computer science is well weather course offered by IIT ,NIT and other Engineering colleges in India. There have been in CS and IT for long time.

In recent time there are been students having B.Tech in CS are being hired by IT companies for Artificial Intelligence . To the some extent they are best suited for it. After all they have to work on computers.

In AI nature of job is different. Organization trained them on AI. Salary is huge for good professional of AI. Sensing the huge gap between the job market and the academic syllabus followed by engineering institutes of India, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have planned to introduce  — Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) courses in its campus.

Those who opt for these courses will have great career ahead. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, provides the course on AI from 2010. But in India it is going to be IIT to start it from this year.   


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