1 Month before Pre-Board exam

Revise what you’re not confident about 
With one month left to your pre-boards just concentrate on revision. The concepts that you have just read through, need to be prioritized during revision. Learn those topics and strengthen your understanding of it. 

Take tests on topics that you know well
Practice the chapters that you are confident about. Take part tests within every chapter to understand if you can correctly attempt every kind of question. Revise those parts that you get wrong in the test. Once you’re done with your portion, take a full test or practice previous year papers. This will help you get accustomed to the paper pattern and create strategies for solving the paper.  

Don’t worry about finishing 100% of your portion 
Ideally, you should have completed your portion by this point. However, if you haven’t don’t fret. Complete close to 80% of your portion. Every chapter has important sections, covering them first will help you score better. Once your pre-boards are over, you can devote your time to learn the rest. 

Treat your pre-board as seriously as your main exam, this will help you get rid of exam anxiety on the main day. After the pre-boards, identify your weaknesses from the results and work on making them your strengths.

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